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Proacc Australia, over the years have nurtured loyalty and a cooperative approach to delivering
excellence in an ever-changing accounting, business and taxation landscape. As a result, we
have carved a reputation through accountability.

proacc australia

Proacc Australia, over the years have nurtured loyalty and a cooperative approach to delivering excellence in an ever-changing accounting, business and taxation landscape. As a result, we have carved a reputation through accountability.


We offer a broad range of accounting, business and taxation services in many different industry sectors.

Our experts support established enterprises, emerging start-up companies and financial institutions in their transactions and assist clients through all the stages of the process to ensure successful outcomes. We handle all aspects of complex accounting, business and taxation efficiently activities and cost effectively.

We have the expertise to tackle the broad range of issues and concerns that can challenge any commercial business operating in today’s competitive environment. Our expert team of accountants possesses an astute understanding of accounting and has the attention to detail that provides the best solutions in complex transactions. Whatever the scale and scope of the contract, our highly qualified team’s solution will be effective and successful.

We understand private companies face a range of challenges that affect not only the success of their business enterprise, but also the professional and personal goals of its owners and are equipped to serve them at every stage of their development, whatever the end goal, expansion into new markets, succession to a family member, or sale. Our integrated tax advice will help private companies, its owners, and individuals with substantial assets apart from businesses they operate to understand, plan and execute effective business and tax strategies, adapting when needed to respond appropriately to potential tax consequences of new legislation and evolving market conditions. We have an excellent track record of resolving the most challenging disputes, providing clients with cost effective solutions that enhance the prospects of success.


Attitudes to tax are changing and tax decisions are in the public eye more than ever and organisations.

Audit And Assurance

We understand that your business is about more than the balance sheet and profit and loss statement.

Business Services

We aim to provide exceptional personal service that results in strong relationships however large or small.


Attitudes to tax are changing and tax decisions are in the public eye more than ever and organisations are becoming increasingly exposed to complex changes in tax regulation

We can help with compliance of your taxation needs, including understanding and reducing tax risk by finding the right solution to meet your tax needs. We think beyond the present and beyond to deliver long-lasting value to your business.

Understanding the laws around tax and duties can often be complex and challenging. We aim to provide you with robust tax corporate governance and ensure you get the best tax outcomes, while also meeting your commercial objectives.

We step in to protect and advise you in all matters related to your business and help you resolve any taxation dispute by providing timely, high quality and cost effective taxation advice. We work closely with individuals and businesses to ensure they respond to regulatory changes and emerging trends in tax law. Our tax professionals have the full range of tax specialisations and deep experience in a wide range of industries.

Businesses can incur significant compliance costs attempting to work out which goods and services are taxable, GST free or input taxed or how to apply state taxes which can create complexities and difficulties for your business.

We can assist with:

  • Complex Commercial Transactions

  • Tax Audits, Dispute Resolution, Objections and Litigations

  • Tax Effective Business Structuring for New and Existing Businesses

  • Income Tax, CGT and GST

  • State Taxes such as Stamp Duty, Payroll Tax, Land tax

  • Restructure of Businesses and Exits

  • Early Stage Innovation Company Tax Advice

  • State Taxes, Including Transfer, Payroll, Duties and Land Tax

  • Australian Taxation Office Objections and Reviews

  • Revenue NSW Objections and Reviews

  • Superannuation

  • Duty Issues for Property Developers

  • Estate Planning

  • Investment Structuring with SMSFs

  • Due Diligence

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Business Tax Issues, including Trusts, Unpaid Present Entitlements, Division 7A, CGT Small Business Concessions and Roll-Overs

  • Tax Issues with Overseas Expansion or Foreign Companies expanding into Australia



We understand that your business is about more than the balance sheet and profit and loss statement. Our team of experts focus on the bigger picture by providing assurance for stakeholders to more effectively managing your risks and compliance obligations and go beyond delivering independent financial statement audits and reviews to provide you with constructive ideas for improving internal controls and business systems.

Financial statement audits and other assurance services play a critical role in creating and maintaining investor confidence as well as unlocking valuable insights into your business. This gives assurance over information used by investors. We believe independent auditors perform the valuable role of being a trusted intermediary between the providers of business information and the users of that information.

Our accounting specialists are experts in interpreting and putting into practice the requirements of financial reporting standards in a constantly evolving and complex regulatory environment. We add value to any type of business by staying close to your business. By seeking professional accounting technical advice will help you navigate the proper application of accounting standards and ensure you are meeting your financial reporting requirements and obligations in a timely and compliant manner.

Regulatory compliance is becoming increasingly complex as the power and reach of regulators continues to expand. We have the expertise to guide you through the challenges in the evolving operating environment. Whether you need independent verification of information reported to regulators or your business is voluntarily seeking independent verification to avoid factual errors and the risk of non-compliance, we can help you. Undertaking an external audit is a crucial part of the corporate governance process as it not only provides assurance to all stakeholders but also helps your organisation to maintain best practice standards and identify key opportunities for growth. We understand the importance of mitigating and managing risk in business. While you may not be able to control all of the internal and external factors that negatively affect your organisation, you can ensure you are prepared to mitigate and manage them with our help to conduct a comprehensive internal audit to identify key risks and opportunities while developing a more robust response to any foreseeable risk.

We will ensure regulatory compliance with financial and non-financial reporting requirements, effective management of regulatory risk, strong corporate governance and compliance that is consistent with your business commercial objectives.

We can assist with:

  • Financial Statement Audits

  • Compliance Regulatory Audits

  • Special Purpose Audits and Reviews

  • Financial Reporting Advisory

  • SMSF Audits



We aim to provide exceptional personal service that results in strong relationships however large or small the organisation happens to be.

Our advice is based on a deep understanding of all stages of business growth and is underpinned by a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide range of industry sectors and the ability to understand not only our clients’ business needs, but also their family and their personal wealth needs.

We can assist with:

  • Registering business

  • Obtaining an ABN

  • Registering for PAYG and GST

  • Developing strategies to minimise tax

  • Managing accounts, bookkeeping and record keeping

  • Determining the type of business such as sole trader, company, partnership and trust

  • Organising payroll and superannuation

  • Identifying tax obligations

  • Ongoing support beyond the start of business

  • Business coaching

  • Setting goals for the business

  • Benchmarking and reviewing goals

  • Analysing and adjusting the budget

  • Identifying issues that affect the business profits

  • Implementing efficient record keeping and bookkeeping software

  • Ongoing support and coaching

  • Specialist Services

  • Budgeting and cash flow analysis

  • Taxation advice and planning

  • Software advice and assistance 


Procc Australia is your  everyday solution to your accounting, business and taxation needs. Our experts apply their skills to an extensive range of practice areas promoting the success of our clients.

We are strategic accountants and tax advisors where quality, competency and service focus are paramount in the rapidly changing tax environment. We will not only help you in your daily compliance issues with regulatory bodies but work hand in hand in creating wealth through strategic planning and business health check to help you see opportunities and lead with confidence

At Procc Australia we put our clients first. Our approach is simple, we implement strategies and plans for your business just like if it was our own. We firmly believe that a client’s size or location should not be a barrier to accessing the highest level of accounting expertise and services. We strive to deliver profound knowledge of tax and statutory requirements as well as a breadth of experience applying them in practice worldwide. Practical tax advice combined with our consistent tax compliance framework instils confidence that a consistent approach is followed. We help simplify your tax management and oversight while providing visibility for making informed strategic decisions with the ease of working.

Procc Australia enjoys strong client loyalty. Our relationship with our clients is a priority and a privilege. Our clients come from a wide range of industries and include family groups, professional services firms, small to medium enterprises and high net worth individuals.

Our reputation is built on the excellent service we provide to our clients. We are reliable, practical, thorough and above all friendly. With over 25 years of industry experience and an eye to detail, Proacc Australia can treat your business so that it’s healthy and happy once again.

We understand the diversity challenging the areas of accounting and taxation and work with you using plain language to ensure your full understanding of every element.

We have a team of expert and focused accountants who have a deep understanding of the various sectors together with expert industry knowledge. Our expertise, experience and resources help to develop efficient, pragmatic tailored solutions for our clients suited to their needs.

We aspire to build long lasting relationships with our clients, through teamwork guided by integrity, loyalty, accountability and consistency. We tackle our clients’ needs with excellence and commitment as our clients are our singular focus.

Through superior expertise and great understanding of the legislative landscape, Proacc Australia is your strategic accounting, business and taxation advisory partner in understanding your needs and offering insightful solutions that are not only practical but also highly successful. We will assist you at all times as our ability to provide timely advice, guidance, support, and understanding of your business, is our strength.